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Welcome to Andy’s Website!


*Andy lifts spirits with new single, “Realization

*Andy’s production skills were featured on renowned online music magazine,’s main page!

*Andy continues new guitar lesson column in response to fan demand


“My new single ‘Realization’ is for anyone who’s ever felt like giving up on their dreams. Listen to this song and soak in the energy and the knowledge that you can come out on the other side as a winner.
In life things don’t always go smoothly, and they’re not supposed to. Life is a never-ending growing process and that’s the adventure of it! So send ‘Realization’ to all your loved ones. This song is meant to encourage and inspire! Period.”

The song is now available on all online music services. GET IT NOW!

Part II on ‘Intervals’ is now available online. Knowing your intervals is one of the most overlooked and essential aspects of understanding music and your instrument. Andy explains this fundamental topic and more in a clear and engaging way. If you’re studying the guitar check out his column, which was created in response to fan demand. You’ll learn a lot, FAST. And if you’ve got any questions, e-mail Andy. He’s a nice guy :-)

One of Andy’s recent productions got featured on renowned music magazine,’s main page. The music video from Luxe Pop‘s Single “I’m Not Driving” got featured on the main page in early April. “I’m Not Driving” is a song by New York City band, Luxe Pop, from their upcoming self-released album “One Bulb Room”. Andy produced this album from his studio in Hell’s Kitchen. Check it out and leave a comment. We wanna know what you think.


*Andy releases new rock-instrumental single, “No Answers To My Questions

*Andy is developing ideas for the completion of his album

*New monthly teaching column now online!


Andy’s first single of 2012 is here and it’s entitled, “No Answers To My Questions.” This new single offers an intimate look at Andy’s inner world, “it expresses the search for answers to life’s big questions. I think we all have questions we haven’t yet found the answers to but we’re driven to keep looking. I put that inner quest into this song. It’s interesting that this is the time I’m releasing it. I am going to make some big moves in my life this year. With this new song I’m telling the universe I’m ready, show me the way.” Special thanks to DJ Drisd for the awesome scratching!

The song is available on all online music services. GET IT NOW!


Great news! Andy is launching a monthly column on the topics he teaches in his private lessons. The first big topic is the matrix of the guitar, which will be subdivided into smaller chunks so it’s easier to digest. First part: Intervals. If you’re studying the guitar make sure you check out the column and if you’ve got any questions, e-mail Andy.


Andy continues to produce and engineer local bands and artists in his spare time. Brooklyn band ‘Lightouts‘ is growing quite nicely as they just released a new video, got featured on MTV ‘The Hive’ and are becoming regulars at SXSW.

February 16th, 2011: ANDY IS PERFORMING LIVE!

On short notice, Andy got invited to play for the SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK event at the Musicbuilding in NYC. Click the flyer below for more info. Show start at 9:30pm.

Also for more info check out this link to SONICSCOOP’s Website.



*Andy releases a new rock single, “Radiosity

*Andy is proud to announce a new Artist Relationship with Gibson Guitars!

*More photos from the shoot with Ken Paprocki!

Andy is proud to release his next rock track “Radiosity” featuring once more the talented Stephen Hund on drums.
Andy shares his thoughts on his new release:” This one was all about getting the music pumping. Radiosity has to do with the radiation of heat leaving a surface. The true definition is a bit more complicated. Just imagine two close bodies emitting heat to each other…pretty sexy in fact. Radiosity feels good. Hope you like it too.”

The song is now available on all online music services. GET IT NOW!

Andy has been playing Gibson guitars since 2005 when he got his first Les Paul, a ’59 Reissue. After falling in love with the sound (though his fingers fought with the size of the neck), he got himself an LP Black Beauty- his main axe at the moment. Andy is very proud and happy to start a new relationship with one of his favorite guitar builders in the world. A big thank you to Gibson/Baldwin Showroom in New York City. Stay tuned for more great stuff to come out of this.

More photos of Andy with talented globe-trotting photographer Ken Paprocki. The location was in and around a studio in Brooklyn, NY. Also check out Ken’s powerful images of his travels around the world. His photo journalism speaks for itself.  Click here to visit his website.



*Andy releases a new acoustic single, “Angel’s Embrace

*Andy was in high demand at the 131st AES Convention at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC.
See the live footage!

*Andy does a session at the world famous Kaufamn Astoria Studios Music & Sound

Andy is excited to announce the release of his new single “Angel’s Embrace” which features him on acoustic guitar playing tender, heartfelt melodies- perfect for setting a peaceful or romantic mood.

The song is now available on all online music services. GET IT NOW!

You can check out Andy’s performance from the Audio Engineering Society 131st  Convention, on his website or his new youtube channel. Andy was very excited to perform his new solo music for the first time in front of an audience consisting of music professionals. The responses were great, as you will see yourself.
Andy was invited by audio design guru Bernard Fox who, in addition to having worked in major music, film and theater productions, is also the founder of the Museum of Sound Recording. The theme of The Museum Of Sound Recording exhibition was “Back To Performance – Remember When Music Was Performed?”.

The MoSR is all about history for the purpose of education and keeping the music in music. Bernard is featured on the “Production” page of my website as a great mentor and teacher for everything audio.

Stay tuned for an exclusive video of Andy’s rehearsal at the world famous Kaufman Astoria Studios shot by talented filmmaker Tianze Zhang.

September 24, 2011 SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER:


*Andy releases a new single, “Our Reunion“, inspired by love for family and friends.

*Andy’s mix of  “All I Want / Heroes” (by LCD Soundsystem and David Bowie respectively, covered by LightsOut) is being played on LA’s Biggest Rock Radio Station KCRW.

*Andy gets photographed by Ken Paprocki in Brooklyn, NY.

Andy is happy to announce the release of his new single “Our Reunion” which, features guest performances by Stephen Hund on drums and Lynda DeFuria on vocals.

Andy shares his thoughts on the song: “Many times I catch myself recalling the first time I left for America. I left my hometown of Brussels, Belgium for Los Angeles aware that no one would be waiting for me there because I knew nobody. I left behind everything I knew and I was totally alone. From that moment on I began to cherish every reunion with family and friends. You can only appreciate the highs when you have felt the opposite lows. “Our Reunion” is about reuniting with someone you love deeply after a very long time. The swelling guitar in the intro is me trying to find my loved one in the crowd of people. The chorus is the reunion. This song touches my heart in a really personal way. Hope you enjoy!”

The song is now available on all online music services. GET IT NOW!


Andy Altmann, the ex-Lead Guitarist of “The Perfekts” and “45 HiGH“, and now turned solo artist, is launching his newsletter to give you a sneak peak of what’s hot + a dose of positive energy for your day.

“The Perfekts and I wrote some truly great songs that we enjoyed playing live,” Andy says. “You can hear the songs on my website. I’ve grown a lot the past year and my intuition is now guiding me toward a fuller expression of myself.”

So far, 2011 has been a year of incredible, ground-breaking inspiration for Andy. Since May, he has been busy releasing rock-instrumental singles that showcase his talent and passion as a guitarist and writer like never before.

Working in his studio in NYC’s famed music building, Andy has taken over the role of a one-man powerhouse: writing, playing, programing, recording, mixing and producing his songs—guided by a powerful vision and a clear sense of what he wants to say with his music.

Beyond The Sky” and “Drivin’” are high-octane rock songs that showcase a stunning level of musical expression and era-defining, soaring melodies.
You don’t need lyrics to understand the message of these songs. In a time when so many artists sing about superficial nonsense, or hide their lives behind words that are incoherent or don’t ring true, Andy is going back to the basic message in music that comes from the heart. And he is excited to share this new music with you!

Andy believes in total free expression and the timing is right. After many decades we are entering the singles era again. Every song matters and has to stand on its own. Looking ahead, Andy has got enough inspiration to release a new single every month until at least the end of the year.

Reflecting on the process, Andy says:
“These songs are putting me on a whole new level. There are not many artists out there who can do everything by themselves- to play a part and to decide weather it’s the right take and then to mix and master the song as a whole. It requires a high level of skill and commitment. And I’m still learning. I haven’t perfected it by far but my vision is clear and I love being in charge. It’s incredibly empowering.”

As for the drums on “Drivin”, Andy says, “Clearly, at some point you do have to add help to take it up a notch. On “Drivin’” I was still programming the drums. Stephen Hund started playing drums for me after that. Obviously the feel of a great drummer will push a song to the next level. I don’t own a million dollar studio…yet, but luckily technology has developed so much that you can get far with just a guitar, a laptop and a cable [Laughs].”

Andy explains what he’s using to get his sound.
“Currently I’m using a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty for everything. I swapped the pickups and the electronic ’cause the sound they were producing wasn’t working for me. I also have a Les Paul ’59 Reissue tuned to Eb. The pick-ups in her (Les Paul) were also swapped. I used to play a custom ESP which I still have. It has a fast neck and a flyod rose. I’ll probably start using it again at some point. I just like the sound and gravitas of a Les Paul at the moment. All my guitars are set up with  linear string tension. It feels more natural to me. I  plug into a custom wired 100W Marshall Jubilee Head, a bunch of pedals, a TC Electronics G-System, a VHT Poweramp and Marshall 4×10 Cabinets with a customized speaker configuration. [Looking into the corner] I do enjoy just plugging into my little Fender Blues Junior too though.”

If you are into gear and want to know more details about Andy’s set-up, stay tuned. He’ll have it all on his website soon.

Asked about the design concept for the newsletter Andy says: “I put a lot of work into my new songs and I’m so excited to share them. I expect a lot more news on my end and I want my fans to have direct access to me and my music. The time came for an official newsletter.”

Being the busy-bee that he is, the next song, called “Our Reunion“, is nearly finished and the release is just around the corner. Talking about this release Andy gets excited: “This is definitively a different kind of song. It’s more bluesy and intimate. I’m trying to show a different side of my playing and writing. There are so many amazing guitarists that I admire and have tried to learn from. I hope it shows.”

July 19, 2011 NEW SOLO RELEASE:

Beyond The Sky

After spending way too much time tweaking the mix for this single, I’m excited to finally let this child go into the world.

“Beyond The Sky” is based on an old 45 HiGH tune called “Academy”. I initially came up with the verse bass line for this song. Along came the syncopated rhythm guitar riff for the verse and the chords for the Chorus.

Our then lead singer Pete Giambalvo composed the melody. Everything else took shape from there. Donovan Pyle, who was the drummer at the time, came up with the driving half straight – half funky drum beat for the song.

45 HiGH never performed this song live. Somehow it never made it into the set list. I think nobody ever felt 100% about this song at the time.

Over the years though, I couldn’t get the groove and melody out of my head and after I picked up an old recording of it on a CD, I took the initiative to re-record it as an instrumental. There are a couple of sections that I added and changed but the basic elements of the initial composition are there.

Even without the lyrics, which were about wasted potential, the emotional pull and message can be heard and felt in this track. It’s about going beyond what’s expected- gathering the calm and inner strength to lift yourself to the higher power and potential that’s in you.

Hope you enjoy!

Recorded, programmed, mixed and produced by Andy Altmann,
Drums by Stephen Hund, recorded at The Box, Barcelona, Spain by Larry.

Listen Here or Buy on iTunes

June 22, 2011 Back in the studio

Andy is back in the studio beginning work on his next release “Beyond The Sky”. Stay Tuned!


The single “Drivin’” is now available as a ringtone for iphone users!

June 9, 2011 Vacation

Andy is taking 10 days off to spend time with his parents. They are visiting from Europe and he hasn’t seen them in a year and a half.

May 25, 2011 Facebook is live

Check out Andy’s Facebook Page

May 16, 2011 NEW SOLO RELEASE: “Drivin’

With the sunny summer months coming up, Andy is releasing his first new single “Drivin’“.
While stuck in NYC traffic Andy got inspired to write this track, remembering the times when he drove 120mph on the no-limits German Autobahn.


Recorded, mixed and produced by Andy Altmann

Listen Here or Buy on iTunes

May 14, 2011 Finishing up mixes for Luxepop

After hitting the studio for a couple of weeks, Andy finished the mixes to the the two Luxepop songs Lights and Red Lights. Stay tuned for updates and releases of these songs.

May 5, 2011 Myspace is Live

Check out Andy’s Myspace Page!

May 1, 2011 Website is Live